SELECT as id,
                            chars.published as published,
                            chars.title as title,
                            chars.fieldtype as fieldtype,
                            chars.fieldgroup as fieldgroup,
                            chars.is_compare as is_compare,
                            chars.is_filter as is_filter,
                            chars.is_filter_many as is_filter_many,
                            chars.bind_all as bind_all,
                            chars.units as units,
                            bind.ordering as ordering

                      FROM  cms_shop_chars chars

                    INNER JOIN cms_shop_chars_bind bind ON bind.cat_id=313 AND bind.char_id =
                    INNER JOIN cms_shop_chars_val val ON val.char_id = 
                    INNER JOIN cms_shop_items i ON = val.item_id

                     WHERE  bind.cat_id=313 AND
                            bind.char_id =  

                    ORDER BY bind.ordering ASC

Table './saropt/cms_shop_chars_val' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed

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